154 – He’s Our Pike Place

  • Tommy is missing!
  • The open kitchen concept is disgusting
  • Allison and Alex recap the horrors of living in Manassas, VA
  • Alex killed off Burt Reynolds
  • Allison is upset that Tommy couldn’t make it to the show to dote over her birthday
  • Allison has a strange obsession with Anthony Bourdain
  • A passionate debate on the sexual “numbers myth”. Also, the dating “rules” that don’t really hold significance in today’s society, yet we subconsciously follow due to guilt.
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153 – Pukey Brewster

amphoraWARNING, this show is sick. Honestly, Alex made a huge mistake by eating at Amphora and gets sick on the air.

Allison is experimenting with spider venom on her face.

Tommy gives Alex crap for eating at Amphora, a restaurant that has consistently provided Tommy with bad service.

After Alex insists that Amphora food isn’t bad, he immediately starts vomiting on the air causing Tommy to run out of the room, and call in to Allison, who can’t help but ramble and laugh in horror at the situation.

We wish Tommy a belated birthday and the mystery of his real age endures.

Alex gets himself into trouble with a transgendered person at a coffee shop.

Alex really has the hots for “Rain Dove”, the androgynous model who turned in Asia Argento’s texts to police.

Allison officially moves in with Seth.

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152 – Hang Her and Bang Her

Allison reviews the harrowing tale of getting her first Brazilian wax. You COULD call this segment a review of sorts… you could also call it something else.

Alex recalls that he used to be jealous when one of his ex’s asked to use a sex toy in their relationship. Tommy and Allison take time to examine Alex’s jealousy.

Alex destroys his wife’s chance during a job interview because of his actions 30 years ago. Alex tried to get one over on someone for revenge, and 30 years later it comes back to haunt hi.

After Alex recaps his story, he goes DEEP into why he is the way he is, the beginning of what made him angry, jealous and unrelenting – basically why he’s so disgusting and horrible.

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151 – Candle in the Hoo Haw


  • The show is back with a new studio set up…
  • Alex gets mad that fitness model LaurenJFit compliments Tommy
  • James Felix Raw takes the best model photos
  • Alex spends WAY too much money on fitness model websites
  • Allison finds some of Seth’s porn DVDs and wonders if she should watch them
  • Alex ends up at a strip club in West Virginia and things don’t go well…
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150 – Penis Mouth

Blockbuster Video

  • Uncle Vinny opens the show, talking about Alex’s wedding
  • Alex is going to be on Tom and Dan
  • 90’s talk including favorite sitcoms, songs, and trends
  • Tommy and Alex might plan a trip to go see the last US Blockbuster Video
  • A deep discussion on the appeal of why going to a Blockbuster was so special
  • Why are pedophiles so nasty?
  • Which beaches have the hottest women? Tommy and Alex get into a debate over whether or not LA or Miami has the hottest beach babes.
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149 – Nude Awakening

SextingGreat Comedians
As Tommy & Alex are (or were, as this is a time warping episode) going to see Kate Quigley at the DC Improv, they take the time to delve into some of their favorite comedians, and how they’ve become successful in other venues throughout the years.

Nude Journey
Allison is dismayed over “Facebook Memory” post because it reminds her of her horrid past, and debate as to whether or not the service is good for the ego or not.

Allison lets slip that an ex of hers has some nudes, and she wants them back, but not for the reason you’d imagine.

Jack Nicholson & the Song of Summer 2018
Tommy unveils what you’ve all been waiting for…THE 2018 SONG OF SUMMER! To which for some reason after Alex voices his opinion on the matter, “Jack Nicholson” calls in and puts him in his place. The show ends with some predictions on who is going to be the next celebrity to die, and some foreshadowing about Tommy’s L.A. trip.

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148 – Between a Cop and a Hard Place

Allison Bike RideAllison’s New Theme Song
Allison has a new (old) bike and a new theme song.

Alex vs. the Meter Maid
It’s been a long time since we’ve had a “Chunks luck” segment (well two weeks), with Alan getting married, getting promoted, and not having been evicted from his place yet! Well, you’re in luck, because the latest chain of events brings him right back down to earth. Here’s a little hint: Broken car, parking tickets, lots of wasted money and a nasty note written by an Asian neighbor.

Chris Hardwick & #MeToo
Chris Hardwick has been in the news lately as the latest to fall from the #MeToo movement. Alex is clearly upset as he tries to defend claims of abuse without any proof. Allison defends the alleged victims, and then the segment gets LOUD, with Tommy playing moderator. In one of the more serious segments discussed on the show, Tommy & Alex give some unique perspectives from their past (and damn good juicy stories too), resulting in an open and honest conversation about abuse, victims, reputations, and the side effects of the #MeToo movement, and how it affects non-Hollywood America.

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147 – Why You Gotta Do Do Me Like That?

Allison WrukAlex and Allison Are Having Problems
Alex starts off the show having trouble putting sentences together. Being the nice guy he is, Tommy plays new clips of Alex saying very inappropriate and embarrassing things out of context.

The guys also wonder what’s going on with Allison as she was up very late sending them text messages that didn’t make sense about how she’s close to dying and there is “no food to throw out.” Tommy wonders if it’s because he’s stolen her friend Emilie (so he claims), from the Emilie Knows Everything podcast. Things get even worse for Alex as he MORE car trouble with police officers. You have to hear this one…

Double Sided Dildos
Alex was in New York City Friday and Saturday for a friend’s bachelor party. We can’t even put in to words what happened. Cocaine, strippers giving handjobs, forced face sitting, torn underwear, shots from bad places and a hype man. Well, I guess we can put it in to words after all…

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146 – Thanks For The Memories

Alex WeddingWedding Recap
The wedding actually happened. Tommy fills us in on all the details. You’ll get to hear what embarrassing incident happened with their rings, the amazing speech Alex’s sister delivered (and why she is one of Tommy’s favorite people), why a woman asked Tommy if he “is naughty,” a review of the food and why Allison is interested in dating someone from Alex’s family and so much more.

Tommy tries to break up the monotony of insanity by sharing the songs he’s used through time to “get in the mood”.  Afterward, Alex confesses a truth about his first dance song that SHOCKS Allison disgusting her to the point of almost leaving the show.  After things calm down a bit, the NDY crew goes into the special songs that have followed them through time for those special relationships over the years.

Plus, we talk about Chrissy Teigen ripping her butthole, California 7-Elevens and NEW YORK CITY?!?!?!

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145 – Bust A MoveMent

Alex Kid SittingHis Name Is Alex
We are back after a bit of a break. The NDY crew starts off a bit solemn, as they found out one of their favorite podcasts, Talking Nonsense with Eric and Stacey is coming to a close. Allison brightens up Alex’s day, by finally agreeing to call him “Alex” instead of one of his various other names…of course Alex is brought back down to earth, as Tommy reveals the reason he wants to go by Alex is because of his new “kidsitting” business….oh and an issue with the police and a bus full of kids.

Allison and Alex Become Stalkers
Allison and Alex decided to go to NY on a random weekday to stalk Jeff Johnson and Charlie Koontz at their Captain Black movie premier. Tommy is flabbergasted as Allison and Alex recall their horrible tale of stalking, and random heroin addicts stealing their food off of their plates in a bar. Bowl of Bacon anyone?

Cobra Kai
Tommy gives an honest review of the new Youtube Red Series Cobra Kai. Listen to see how the grown up versions of Ralph Macchio and William Zabka hold up in this new series. The NDY crew then gets into a debate about whether or not it’s better to have episodic TV releases, or entire seasons ala Netflix. Speaking of HBO and Neflix, the NDY crew gives some picks and thoughts on Gary Shandling’s “Zen” and the Andre the Giant documentary.

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