#10 – 106.7 WJFK & Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day106.7 WJFK
We start out with memories of 106.7 WJFK – the station that inspired both Tommy and Alex to get in to radio, the place where they not only started their radio careers, but first met. Behind the scenes stories of how the station ran, how both guys RUINED various shows on the station, memories of working with and alongside Don and Mike, Ron and Fez and others.

Valentine’s Day & the LONGEST Segment Ever
Tommy plays a song he and his friend wrote and recorded in 9th grade about Valentine’s day. Alex hates the song and proves he knows nothing about music while frustrating Tommy to no end. Then it’s time for the Sadman Diaries in which we travel back to elementary school and Alex reads the various valentine’s he wrote to all the girls in his class. Alex follows that up with an UPDATE on the woman he was dating that randomly stopped talking to him… Cringe Warning. Then in a serious twist of events, Tommy puts on his therapist hat and counsels a very emotional Alex about the root of his troubles. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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