108 – Two Hairy Parents

piggyBabbling Brooke
Tommy gets back from LA, where he believes everything is better. Alex believes that New York is better, and a battle ensues. The one thing that everyone agrees on is that MD is the WORST of all states. Of course, that somehow ends up into a very real discussion of Alex’s body hair and new favorite radio morning talk show, Babbling Brooke, with a special guest caller named “Alex’s dating profile.”

Tom Brady
It’s Super Bowl Sunday, featuring another appearance by the New England Patriots. Knowing that Alex’s most hated person in the world is Tom Brady, Tommy and Ryan set the table for one of the greatest Alex rants of all time. Though it’s riddled with “Alex” grammar, you’ll hear the sad tale of how Alex wishes ill on Tom because of the failures of his life.

Apparently, there is something called micro-cheating which involves all of the little things you might do with other people than your significant other that might be considered questionable. Ryan thinks Alex is guilty of this “micro-cheating” while Alex insists he just being an asshole. Plus, we also find out the PERFRECT body type for Tommy’s liking. Would you fit Tommy’s bill? TOUCHDOWN!!!

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