111 – Switch

Nintendo SwitchAlvin Corolla Simmons
After a few weeks off, NDY is back, and Alex accidentally messes up the show open, but “for real” this time as he claims. Despite being perturbed, Tommy and Ryan soldier on, jumping right into the Alex insults, making a very bold comparison to Alex and a broken Richard Simmons. The similarities are uncanny!

Alex Makes Money with the Nintendo Switch
Alex’s company has insisted everyone work new longer hours, at all times of the day and it’s wearing him thin. Alex apologizes to his twitter buddies for not being as interactive. Alex DID however make some time to engage in a money making opportunity, involving the new Nintendo Switch. Though he’s ALWAYS failed in the past during these schemes, this one is SURE to succeed.

The Most Offensive Segment Ever
After being inconvenienced at his yoga class earlier in the week, Tommy proclaims he hates childrean. Ryan and Alex then give Tommy some scenarios involving saving kids or saving hot women, or dogs, the results MAY shock you. To supplement Tommy’s case, Uncle Vinny calls in to NEEDLE Alex his horrible Switch deal, and shocks Alex with a new “Vinny-ism” which inspires a Pew-Die-Pie related Nazi bit that you will NOT want to miss. We apologize in advance.

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