113 – Big Flesh Boy

Alex's CubeAlex works in hell
In usual Alex fashion, he starts immediately apologizing to the listeners for his lack of Twitter presence. Tommy notices Alex is a bit off and scolds him for rambling. Reasons become clear, as Alex delves into the horrid work life he has been enduring since his office move.  Follow along as Alex details his co-workers phone conversations, has a run in with his old work enemy Lindy Beal, and capped off with his very own crayon drawn office cube name tag.

If the shoe fits
After 7 years Alex finally decides to get some new running sneakers. It’s never just that simple though with Alex as Tommy points out and Alex proves with ANOTHER crazy story. They take a little detour though to play some porno audio when “Ryan” calls in from is convention.  Take a guess on how long and how much money it took Alex to get new shoes.

Alex vs Linda
Tommy and show friend Linda collaborated on a little scheme to try and trick Alex into thinking he FINALLY had a buyer for his Nintendo Switch.  As it turns out, after a few days of being baited into a back and forth with Linda over a text trap, Alex  thought he figured out the scheme and FINALLY got one over on Tommy. As it turns out, Alex might have inadvertently put his livelihood into ACTUAL jeopardy.

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