114 – We Have To Get You Arrested

Alex is inspirationalInspirational Sayings
Alex messes up the show open again, and he’s rewarded with a few new songs about his creepy tendencies, courtesy of Nick W. Alex tries to rebound by trying to refute a scientific article that states people who post inspirational quotes on Facebook are actually less intelligent. Unfortunately, he tries to do this by making up some “inspirational” quotes of his own.

Alex Joke Theater
After trying to workshop a HORRIBLE joke about his dog Gino, Alex provided Tommy with an IM conversation where he tried to explain the hilarity to one of his co-workers. Tommy, being conscious of Alex’s feelings at all times, decides to re-enact the conversation in a traditional theatrical presentation, that is worthy of a Tony!

Alex vs the IRS
Tommy mentioned a generous listener donated some money to the show; however Tommy decided to use it on himself on NOT show related things. Infuriated, Alex goes into a verbal rage, prompting Tommy to bring up Alex’s IRS problems. Don’t worry, Alex is financially fine (he’s still an idiot) it’s really an IRS scammer, that Alex called back. Find out how YOU can help the cause and bring down the Indian IRS!

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