116 – Handful of Needles Petting Gino

Gino Needles
Phone Test Guy
A brand new caller opens the show (since Alex can’t hit a button properly) and he might just be the best caller yet. He and Tyrone help Tommy and Ryan list Alex’s long list of many recent losses, starting off with RageAgainstTwit insisting that Alex owes him money. From there we go into Tommy’s slaughtering of Alex in Words with Friends, and finally Alex’s girlfriend beating him in pinball the first time she ever played.

Alex Killed Chris Cornell

After getting rejected for yet another job opportunity, Alex went on a tirade, cursing out God and telling him to leave him alone, which as you’ll hear, inadvertently causes the death of beloved singer, Chris Cornell. We also find out he has a weird fetish for Melissa McCarthy, but ONLY when she pretends to be Sean Spicer. You might even find out some other sexual tid-bits about the NDY crew!

Alex is a Telemarketer
Following a brief discussion of whether or not Prince was overrated or not (Alex also killed Prince by the way); Tommy suggests that Alex might only be suited to be a telemarketer, and they decide to role-play a call with a VERY special test guest. Does Alex make the sale? What does Phone Test Guy think? Will Tommy kill Alex someday?!

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Updated: May 28, 2017 — 10:51 pm