118 – CrossFit Shorts

crossfit shortsTommy Hates People
Allison is out at a bachelorette party and Tommy asks, “why would she be celebrating her friend making the worst decision of her life?”  Tommy discloses that he’s actually just annoyed with people in general, except a woman he met earlier in the day during a dog walk – a woman he made a TERRIBLE first impression on. Naturally, he internet stalked her and now knows her entire life. This leads to a VERY important conversation about the best types of shorts women can wear.

Alex vs Cyclists
Alex has a verbal altercation with several cyclists, that escalates quickly, resulting with one cyclist in the middle of the street on the ground. It doesn’t end there. Find out why Alex had to go to the police station.

Alex got a new job recently in downtown Washington DC.  He decides that he’s going to make friends with all of the homeless people he crosses on his way to work. Tommy thinks Alex is nuts, but Alex INSISTS the bums are out to get him.

Alex’s New Dog Walker
Alex gets a new dog walker, but based on the notes he leaves after his walks every day, Alex and Tommy aren’t quite sure about his mental stability. After doing some brief internet stalking, the birth of a new phone character is upon us, and he can’t quite get his “personality” down, you won’t want to miss our newest fan.

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