119 – Playing With The Boys

playing with the boysAlex is a Jinx
Tommy starts off the show by explaining all of the things Alex has jinxed over the years, including sadly, his new God-Daughter. Appalled, Allison starts regretting her decision to come back to the show.

Tommy’s New Obsession
Tommy needs some serious female advice from Allison. He has become obsessed with a song, but it worried how women might view him for listening to it. To make matters worse, he does some research and finds out WHY the song originally became famous in the 80’s. In addition to a ton of insults about him, you also get to hear Tommy sing.

Allison Has Trouble on the Bus
Allison randomly decided to take a shady bus to NYC. Why was it shady you ask? Well, for starters there’s a gentleman in the back row doing something incredibly disgusting – for FOUR HOURS.

Alex Has a Boyfriend
Alex still is trying to befriend the homeless he passes by in D.C. He bought one of them a gift this week. It doesn’t go well. Plus, he went out to lunch with a “male friend,” and all hell breaks loose when a family at a nearby table start commenting on Alex and his lifestyle choices.

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Updated: July 31, 2017 — 9:56 am