12 – Perfect First Dates

Stone Cold StunnerRecalling Our “Perfect” First Dates
Tommy and Alex chat about times they’ve each had a “perfect” first date – one of those dates where everything went right. Unfortunately for them, as amazing as those first dates were, they were quickly overshadowed by horrible twists shortly afterwards. Plus, a very upbeat, happy and positive “Alex Corolla from 2001” calls in to ask “current” Alex Corolla how his life will turn out.

Letters to Tommy and Alex’s OkCupid Date
Known for giving amazing advice, Tommy reads an email from a fan who is asking for help/advice on how to have “rough sex” with a woman he met. Tommy happily gives an answer with explicit details and instructions – while Alex becomes increasingly disgusted and traumatized. Alex recently swore of match.com (again), but he has signed up on a new dating site, Okcupid.com. He has already gone on two “HORRIBLE” dates with a woman. Several callers comment on what is wrong with him and his date. Then we use our new phone system to try to call Matt Albert who was on his way back from yet another party.

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