121 – Hot Dumpster Juice

Tarzan BoyAlex Sings & the Best 80’s Songs
Tommy and Allison’s favorite song, “Playing with the boys” is featured again, to Alex’s dismay. Tommy has audio of Alex singing the song. Alex tries to throw in some of HIS favorite 80’s songs, but they don’t go over so well. It’s then that Tommy reveals Alex made his OWN version of “Playing with the boys”.

Allison Has a Four Day Long Date
For once on the show, Alex isn’t the one with the horrible date story. Allison went on a four day “date” that reeks of a “sadman” novel. Ironically “playing with the boys” started the whole downward spiral of a tale that involves: being told not to drink, being told what to eat and a boat. Find out if she gets a second date.

We Improve Reality TV & Tommy’s Workout Playlist
After a brief discussion on what a proper dating reality show involving your ex’s should be like, Tommy and Allison discover that Alex attempted a spin class. Though he got off the bike for 10 minutes of it, he CLAIMS that he “killed it”. After getting frustrated with Alex, Tommy gets bored and starts playing his workout playlist, while the NDY crew discusses proper etiquette at the gym. (Note, do NOT attempt to talk to Allison when she’s on the machines)

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