122 – Are We Still Doing This?

bleachBleached Buttholes
After a brief trip to LA, Allison expresses how much she missed Tommy and Alan too! To commemorate her return, the crew jumps right into a heavily debated topic… should a woman bleach her butt-hole, and does it make a difference? Alex tries to deny receipt of a package containing the coveted Tom & Dan beer, however he fails as usual and Tommy plays him a voicemail from an upset “Rage Against Tweet” who is upset his gift went un-thanked.

Taylor Swift
Believing that they’ve discovered “the second best song of 2017”, Allison remarks how she is in LOVE with Taylor Swift. Alex, not knowing any new musical act that’s released in the past 20 years, shocks everyone by declaring he’s never heard a Taylor Swift Song. A shocked Alison then goes into DEEP discussion on why Taylor Swift is the best musical act of all time. Not to be outdone, Tommy & Alex then counter with what they belive are the best “Miller-Boyett” sitcom songs of all time. Who will win this battle of bands?!

Tommy hates you (yes, you!)
Tommy has just lost it with incompetent people and can no longer tolerate ANY of them. As it turns out, while Tommy is going into detail about the people he hates, Alex ALSO had a run in with the idiocity of the very same people, and a “Chunks” story ensues. The rest of the show is jam packed, but if you want to hear about Allison’s foot fetish, her run in with the famous in LA, Alex making a pig of himself while out with Tommy, and what to expect in a male gym locker room, well you’re weird… but you’ll also be entertained.

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