124 – It’s My F**king Birthday

ass eatingHappy Birthday Allison!
It’s Allison’s big day, though she’s a bit out of sorts, as her new love interest has neglected to wish her a happy birthday, instead sending her a text asking if she’s seen Star Wars or not. Since it’s turning out to be one of the worst she’s had, Alex drives the screwdriver in a little deeper, and inquires about Allison’s worst birthday stories, and she has some GOOD ones.

Allison’s Tweets
For her first birthday tweet, Allison (@trainwruck) discloses her dismay to the fact that her ex-boyfriend never asked to “eat her butt-hole out”. She’s also relieved that even though Alex tweeted that the listeners should tweet her dick picks, she didn’t receive ONE! The segment goes into a detailed discussion on the polite way to broach a subject with a new person you’re dating, supplemented by advice from show friend Tyrone Thompson.

Alex’s Nickname At Work
Adding on to the seemingly endless list of nicknames Alan has, Tommy reveals that he received a text from Alex’s girlfriend with a NEW nickname that he received at work. We won’t wreck it for you on the summary, but this one might stick, much to Alex’s chagrin. Also, a medical debate on whether or not you can poop while taking Tylenol PM, and Allison reads a love compatibility horoscope for Tommy & Alex.

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