125 – Bosom Buddies

bosom buddiesTommy & Allison Workout
After starting off with a brief recap of great 80’s sitcoms (Saved By the Bell, Busom Buddies, Full House) and Billy Joel quotes, Tommy discloses that he’s seen Allison four times in this week. Tommy “tricks” Allison in to going to the gym with her and then “tricks” her into eating fast food. Find out if Tommy had the “lunk alarm” pulled on him and why they both still can’t walk without pain.

Alex vs. Amal The Awful Comedian
As it turns out, one of the comedy shows Tommy & Allison visit together happened to be hosted by Alex’s ex-best friend Amal. Tommy and Allison drive Alex insane all weekend by convincing him that they found his ex-friend REALLY FUNNY and had become friends with his nemesis at the show. Then, to Tommy’s dismay, Alex breaks into an impromptu Sadman about how Amal hurt him “more than any woman ever could,” and how they became arch enemies. Plus, we have actual audio of Amal bombing during his set!

Allison’s Birthday Recap
Last week Allison went into a bit of a frenzy after her LA boyfriend didn’t wish her a “happy birthday” soon enough during the day for her birthday.  Alex recaps what happened after the show last week, and you won’t want to miss this follow-up.  After Tommy and Allison call out Alex for criticizing his girlfriend’s eating habits, the NDY crew gets into a debate about the best way to tell someone they’ve “put on a few pounds”… Alex fails miserably by the way, it’s fantastic.

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