126 – Dumby

Alex Kills HefLos Angeles
Yeah… he jinxed him and now the world’s most famous Playboy is dead. Before Alex wrongly tries to justify how he didn’t kill Hef, the NDY crew gets lost in reminiscing on the great dating shows including: Girls Next Door, Flavor of Love, and Rock of Love. After reading about a then 80 year old Hef’s “sex” rituals, one great question arises: Would you sleep with your idol knowing that they had slept with thousands of people before you, with a good amount having been un-protected?

Weirdos Love Alex
Tommy subjects himself to some hang-out time with Alex, despite knowing that weirdos come up to them every time they get together, and true enough, this time was no different. After Alex suggests a super expensive restaurant, they get some gelato afterwards and the fun begins. Today’s saga includes: Alex being invisible to an old man, creepy “gangstas” loitering in front of them, and Alex’s awkward response to a short-skirted Latina that goes down as one of the most cringe-worthy moments of all time.

Good-Bye Allison
Sadly, Allison is leaving us and moving back to LA. Before she goes though, a VERY drunk Allison makes some incredible confessions and comes clean on a lie she told Tommy and Alex a few episodes back. Then she closes out her in-studio tenure by providing a 27 SONG PLAYLIST that she thinks commemorates her time on the show. After adding a few songs themselves, Tommy and Alex wish Allison a proper good-bye.

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