132 – Alex the Kitten Killer

AlexAllison’s Dry January
The first episode of the New Year doesn’t quite get off to a start. It’s a very weird show that gets off to a slow start. After spending quite a bit of time working through technical difficulties, the NDY crew is a bit cranky, ESPECIALLY Alex, who as Tommy declares, “got a new pet.” That pet being a rodent of some sort trapped in his walls. Allison reveals that she hasn’t had a drop of alcohol since the end of December, and Tommy & Alex insist that her “secret ingredient” to being funny is gone.

Dear Abby
After reading a “Dear Abby” advice column, Allison decides she wants to hear our opinions on a very saucy relationship situation. Of course, Tommy and Alex turn the segment around COMPLETELY and Allison doesn’t seem to like the direction they take it.

Star Trek Wars
We need your help!  Honestly, we do. We need you guys to tell us where we can get GOOD steak fries in NOVA. After a brief argument on Red Robin’s endless fries, the NDY crew gives up, and just moves on to porn talk, mainly why anyone would pay for U-porn’s premium service, and how much cam-girls actually make. Allison reveals her crush for Adam Driver, and Tommy takes this opportunity to discuss his favorite movie “Star Trek Wars.” Alex gets frustrated as Tommy and Allison confuse 3 different TV/movie franchises, and his futile attempt to set them straight.

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Updated: January 11, 2018 — 10:02 am