133 – Sethsther

Allison At The MarchEsther Wruk
Though Tommy & Alex THOUGHT they had all the equipment for the show finally up and running… they did not (THANKS ALAN!) and the show intro is botched AGAIN. Allison chastises Alex for his botch-up, and he realizes that Allison is eerily similar to the main character from Freeform’s new series, Alone Together. Tommy agrees with this observation, and Allison’s status as “Esther” is cemented, after she recaps her experience at the women’s march, where she made protesters move out of the way… to get a better picture of herself.

Show Merch
To Alex’s chagrin, Tommy and Allison INSIST on making the first show merchandise feature Tommy giving the Buddy Christ pose on T-shirts and coffee mugs. The idea was spurned after Alex’ GF hung Tommy’s photo in the recording studio to piss him off. Allison recaps her first few days at her new job, and also receives some “helpful” advice from a stranger.

“The Alex”
Whenever someone tries to take advantage to make quick money and fails, that’s just bad luck. Whenever someone tries to do someone a favor, and ends up losing money, THAT’S called “The Alex.” Tommy and Allison get quite the laugh, after Alex recaps trying to do something nice for show friend Geoff. Geoff insists that Alex owes him money, and Tommy and Allison agree, sending Alex into a classic Corolla rage.

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