134 – Alex Gets A Gift

Smug MugAllison Is A Horrible Girlfriend
Earlier in the year, Allison was disappointed that her boyfriend didn’t wish her a happy birthday first thing in the morning (even though they were on opposite coasts). To get back at him, for his birthday, Allison decided to get drunk in front of his friends, and wake him up early in the morning to set up her recording equipment, OH and still hasn’t told him happy birthday.

Smug Mug
Tommy and Allison, never content until driving Alex insane, decided to produce the first Not Dead Yet merchandise. Unfortunately, it’s a mug featuring Tommy giving the “Buddy Christ” pose. They each separately designed separate Tommy mugs, and the results send Alex into a rage.

I, Tonya
Tommy and Alex give a brief synopsis and review of I Tonya, which the saw over the weekend. They marveled at the comedic ability of some of the actors, some of which had very unique looks. Which brings up a great question: How do the casting directors recruit for roles that require humiliating fat or ugly actors. Tommy delves into this issue, by discussing one of his favorite shows from the great F/X show, Nip Tuck, to provide a CLASSIC example.

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