14 – Big Bad Mama

big bad mamaAlex Was Raped?
After the show last week, Tommy & Alex watched the Gene Simmons sex tape (worth watching for the comedy) and played around on OkCupid. Alex ended up having a date with a super hot chick and Tommy had to block a crazy woman. But things take a very strange twist. Plus Alex and Tommy give the inside scoop about women’s dating profiles on match.com and OKCupid. Find out what “average” body type really means.

Letters, St. Patrick’s Day, Family and Florida
The strangest Letters to Tommy ever – it is too vile to put in to words, plus, “who is Allen Corolla?” Tommy and his dog went to “A-Town” Arlington on St. Patrick’s Day. He recounts the night that involved him pushing a woman, arguing with a drunk girl, hitting on two chicks and a cringe-worthy story about striking out. He also went to eat with his entire family. As usual, it was horrible and he tells why. And finally, an impromptu discussion about their old apartment complex in Orlando, FL and all the crazy people that lived there.

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