140 – Dicks and Third Wheels

wineTom and Dan
Alex starts the show trying out a “new voice.” It immediately gets mocked by Tommy and Allison. From there Tommy proclaims he’s the best man at Alex’s wedding and has his speech already planned out – but it’s just audio from A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan in which Daniel Dennis pokes fun at “Chunks.” From there Alex reminisces about stunts he did while working at Real Radio 104.1.

Hot Sweaty Guys
The show is being recorded on a Friday night because Alex is taking Tommy to see a live WWE event during the regular recording time on Sunday. Allison is annoyed at the last minute change, but Alex makes it up to her by letting her know that she and “the love of Tommy’s life” Vanessa are going to see Hunk O’Mania in Los Angeles as his treat. This infuriates Tommy as he’s still worried someone will swoop in and “steal” Vanessa, even though she barely knows he’s alive. Plus, Allison recounts the night she and Vanessa spent hanging out much to Tommy’s chagrin.

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