146 – Thanks For The Memories

Alex WeddingWedding Recap
The wedding actually happened. Tommy fills us in on all the details. You’ll get to hear what embarrassing incident happened with their rings, the amazing speech Alex’s sister delivered (and why she is one of Tommy’s favorite people), why a woman asked Tommy if he “is naughty,” a review of the food and why Allison is interested in dating someone from Alex’s family and so much more.

Tommy tries to break up the monotony of insanity by sharing the songs he’s used through time to “get in the mood”.  Afterward, Alex confesses a truth about his first dance song that SHOCKS Allison disgusting her to the point of almost leaving the show.  After things calm down a bit, the NDY crew goes into the special songs that have followed them through time for those special relationships over the years.

Plus, we talk about Chrissy Teigen ripping her butthole, California 7-Elevens and NEW YORK CITY?!?!?!

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Updated: May 28, 2018 — 10:31 pm