149 – Nude Awakening

SextingGreat Comedians
As Tommy & Alex are (or were, as this is a time warping episode) going to see Kate Quigley at the DC Improv, they take the time to delve into some of their favorite comedians, and how they’ve become successful in other venues throughout the years.

Nude Journey
Allison is dismayed over “Facebook Memory” post because it reminds her of her horrid past, and debate as to whether or not the service is good for the ego or not.

Allison lets slip that an ex of hers has some nudes, and she wants them back, but not for the reason you’d imagine.

Jack Nicholson & the Song of Summer 2018
Tommy unveils what you’ve all been waiting for…THE 2018 SONG OF SUMMER! To which for some reason after Alex voices his opinion on the matter, “Jack Nicholson” calls in and puts him in his place. The show ends with some predictions on who is going to be the next celebrity to die, and some foreshadowing about Tommy’s L.A. trip.

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Updated: June 25, 2018 — 9:17 am