15 – Bill Stevenson from Workaholics

Tommy’s New Best FriendBill Stevenson
Tommy is very nervous because Bill Stevenson aka “Bill from Workaholics” is going to be on the show. Bill has been on a ton of TV shows and movies – everything from “Who’s the Boss,” “Suddenly Susan” and “Friends” to “Outbreak.” The guys talk with Bill about being a working actor, how he got started acting, plus a lot of behind the scenes stories, like the time he met Jennifer Aniston.

Plus, they talk to Bill about growing up in Los Angeles and the music scene in the 80’s. Bill also gives advice about what it “takes” to make it as an actor in Hollywood.

The Sadman Diaries
After talking to Bill and realizing how happy he is living the life in LA, doing what he loves, Alex reads an entry from his diary. Alex has terrible luck and bad things seem to ALWAYS happen to him. He reads a recent diary entry while Tommy makes fun of his horrible life.

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