153 – Pukey Brewster

amphoraWARNING, this show is sick. Honestly, Alex made a huge mistake by eating at Amphora and gets sick on the air.

Allison is experimenting with spider venom on her face.

Tommy gives Alex crap for eating at Amphora, a restaurant that has consistently provided Tommy with bad service.

After Alex insists that Amphora food isn’t bad, he immediately starts vomiting on the air causing Tommy to run out of the room, and call in to Allison, who can’t help but ramble and laugh in horror at the situation.

We wish Tommy a belated birthday and the mystery of his real age endures.

Alex gets himself into trouble with a transgendered person at a coffee shop.

Alex really has the hots for “Rain Dove”, the androgynous model who turned in Asia Argento’s texts to police.

Allison officially moves in with Seth.

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Updated: September 3, 2018 — 1:43 pm