17 – A Vegetarian that Hates Salad

Chris O'Brien
Chris Writes Good, OkCupid is Bad
Tommy and Alex talk with Chris O’Brien from www.chriswritesgood.com, where he chronicled his failed attempts at online dating. Chris is a writer/actor and blogger living in Los Angeles. Chris talks to the guys about the oddity known as OkCupid. Each talks about the horrible (sometimes cringeworthy) dates they’ve been on, and the strange emails and people they’ve encountered while on OKCupid. Plus, they talk about a bit about acting and why everyone is happier living in Los Angeles.

Good Looking People & the King Of Queens?
Tommy and Alex get in to an argument about Rob Lowe, good looking people and the tv show King Of Queens. Tommy brings up that Rob Lowe recently said there is a bias against good looking people. While Tommy completely agrees, Alex becomes enraged and claims good looking people shouldn’t be allowed to be upset or ever be sad. Tommy then feels that Alex is being biased towards him and his good looks. He reminds Alex that he once created a public service announcement and club for people that are “Too Good Looking.” Alex gets legitimately upset during the argument – and more importantly, what does the King Of Queens have to do with it?

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