19 – Dubs

Tommy & Alex Have Stories To ShareDubs
The oddest opening to our show yet. Tommy is absent and Tyrone and Alex open the soundcheck by singing along to Tyrone’s favorite Eazy-E song. Once Tommy is back, he and Alex both have stories to share. Tommy has an odd reason for working out (even more deranged than you can imagine) and Alex has a “cute” story about his nephew and baseball that Tommy has no interest in listening to.

Dubs Interview
The long awaited reunion! Dubs talks about a number of topics, some of which might upset listeners from the old show. He covers what he’s been up to since leaving WTKS, his time in Tampa as a Program Director, working with old friends in Atlanta and how he ended up working on the Kidd Chris Show Other topics covered are his thoughts on Alex Corolla, ex-girlfriend stories, behind the scenes at WTKS & Project 9-6-1, and if he will be involved in any other projects besides the Kidd Chris show. Plus, Dubs tells a hilarious Sadman-esque story about the time he went out with a much younger girl and his body let him down.

In addition, hear the never before aired prank call to The Kid McLovin’ that caused him to quit radio forever.

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Updated: May 4, 2014 — 9:03 pm