27 – FCC Compliant

salsa dancingReal Radio and Tommy Gets Taken
The guys open the show wondering if their friend, Jack Bradshaw, would put the their show on Real Radio 104.1. Tommy and Alex try to do an FCC compliant segment with mixed results. They also try several different radio formats, trying to find the right fit for a terrestrial show.

Tommy says he wants to work at Real Radio again because he needs money badly. Alex eventually gets to the bottom of the reason. When Tommy went to sign up for dance classes, he was up-sold by the owner and bought an OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive dance package. Even Tommy is shocked at the price he paid. Later, Uncle Vinny calls in trying to get Tommy to invest in his newest business venture.

Alex has Old Timers Disease
Alex talks about various delivery style truck businesses he wishes existed. In the process he loses his track of his thoughts and mentions how he forgets things easily, has a “fuzzy” mind all the time, and how he had to pull over while driving because he thought he was breaking from reality. He also talks about his newest nightmares and his 85th date.

Stay tuned at the end when the guys do a “bonus” segment… it’s them making fart noises to songs… Really mature guys.

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