28 – Sex Hungry Sid Crosby

ashley tisdale coffee

“Work Tommy” and Women
Tommy’s Co-worker joins the show. He gives some insight on “Work Tommy.” Tommy talks about how Jorge (who is gay) is a much better wing-man than Alex. Alex and Jorge talk about the problems with Tommy and women. Also, Alex models his “stylish” jean jackets.

Women with Video Blogs Are Terrible
Tommy plays clips of attractive women with video/audio blogs. He and Alex claim that guys only like these women because of how they look, not their actual personalities. Their main target is a woman on Twitter that posts nude photos, then gets upset when people comment on them and only wants to talk about hockey player Sid Crosby and sports. She and actress Ashley Tisdale call in to defend themselves. This one is not to be missed. How “eloquent.”

Is It Better To Be Gay or Straight?
Tommy and Alex ask Jorge if he thinks it’s easier to be gay or straight. Jorge has some surprising thoughts on the subject. Tommy and Alex ponder what kind of guys they each would attract if they were gay. Plus, new caller “Gay Garrett” joins the show…

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