29 – Hole In Two

Alex’s Mailman and Tommy’s New Chick
Alex was unable to sleep because his “crazy pills” weren’t delivered by his mailman. Alex has tried to be friends with his letter carrier several times, but the guy ignores him and constantly messes up his mail. The “#1 Mailman” calls in to defend himself.

Tommy gets sexted and it’s no big deal, plus he talks about the new woman he’s dating. Things don’t seem to be going well – they have nothing in common and he already hates her.

Tommy is Certified Good Looking
Tommy and Alex talk about the two dates Alex went on this week and how neither woman will return his texts. Tommy talks about how he hung out with his gay wingman Jorge in D.C. the night before, how several women hit on him thanks to Jorge and how his dance class is going. Plus the guys talk about religion and fat women burning diet books.

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