30 – The Intervention

Match Cancel

Anthony and an Alex Intervention

The show starts off talking about the NDY Twitter page and how funny the fans are there. The guys then talk about Anthony Cumia getting fired from Sirius Satellite Radio for remarks he made on Twitter. Tommy and Alex have differing opinions that may shock some people. In even bigger news, Alex deleted his Match.com profile. Tommy thinks he went overboard, but is more concerned that Alex has been drinking every afternoon and night, so he (and several callers) stage an intervention…

The Sadman Diary and Our New T-Shirt Idea

Alex reads a journal entry about the time he was trying to put the moves on a co-worker he was lusting after. He plans out an elaborate date for the Fourth of July. Find out if this date from his past finally worked out. Plus, Tommy comes up with a NDY T-shirt design that he thinks everyone will want to buy.

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