31- Douglas Sonders

Douglas SondersSex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll… and Photos

This week’s show is a bit different. We talked to an old friend who has made it big. We weren’t sure if this would a quick interview or an entire show. But once he started telling us about his experiences, we kept asking more questions.

Douglas came in to the Hideout years ago at WJFK to take some promo shots. Now he is a very successful photographer living in New York City and traveling the world, doing things that most of us will only be able to dream about.

Douglas has his own photography and video production company. He talks about how he got started and went on tour with Three Doors Down, the time a huge rock star stopped a concert to yell at him, his altercation with Justin Bieber, riding down the autobahn at 150mph with rock stars on drugs and more… Howard Stern, Steven Tyler, secret government projects, Chris Brown, Victoria’s Secret models, Cesar Millan, Jay Leno, Hinder, and talks about several test and prototype cars he’s seen and driven.

He also recalls how the Hideout led to his first job, which involved a blacked out van full of dildos and group sex.

In addition, Douglas has started notabully.org a charity which promotes education about dogs, especially pitbulls.

Find out how “a regular guy” from Fairfax, VA overcame a very rough, traumatic childhood, to date a hot model and become an in demand photographer working with some of the biggest celebrities in the world. A very fascinating story. Check out some of his amazing work. http://www.sondersphotography.com/

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