33 – FT

FTWhat Time Is It?

FT… Alex’s family friend met Tommy and she thought he was hot. Tommy says it’s “FT.” Listen for an explanation and a new “Alarm,” that has been added to the show. Plus, Uncle Vinny calls in to represent the Corolla family in a “better light.” FT is “So Good.”

Tommy is starting to hate FaceBook because he obsessively checks his the FaceBook page of a girl he has a crush on because he’s “too weak.” Alex talks about how hates FaceBook because he has to see how happy all of his ex-girlfriends are. During the “stalking” discussion, Alex reveals how he was “reversed stalked” by Video Game Girl. He recaps the date they went on, and she calls in again… The guys also discuss if dating/relationships are better now, or worse with modern technology.

Tommy’s alter ego, “Negative Tommy” calls in and ruins Tommy’s day. Plus, Alex gives Tommy a sixth & seventh grade quiz on American History… and soooooooo much more.

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