35 – Newest Dating Site

Ugly People Meet
Girls Are Like Kittens

Ryan from Eight Bit Radio stops by the show again. Immediately Alex wants to do a Sadman Diary. He recaps his online dating history for the past four years. Dejected from his dating life, earlier in the week Alex claimed he was going to start a new dating site: UglyPeopleMeet.com. Tommy and Ryan come up with several marketing slogans for the site, none of which makes Alex very happy. Alex also gives us an update on “Video Game Girl.” Find out if she texted him back after making out on their date last week. Plus, Tommy explains the “Three Hour Texting Rule,” that he learned from hilarious comedian and dating expert Kate Quigley. Check out her videos and vidcasts Date Fails.

Ryan is a Super Villain

Tommy finds a new song that sums up Alex’s life. Alex texts Tommy 55 times in an hour, Alex goes to a Happy Hour at with co-workers and it doesn’t go well and has something disgusting happen to him. Plus, Ryan talks about his dark side coming out and his “Evil Super Villain” plan to corrupt two Mormon girls. Then the guys talk about the ALS challenge, quitting FaceBook and Ryan loses it… Pretty much the perfect show.

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