38 – Namaste

Luci FordRyan and Geoff from Eight Bit Radio join us again. The show stars with Tommy talking about how he’s been in an incredibly good mood despite bad news at work and an upcoming operation – and he debuts his new theme song, which Alex instantly ruins. In an effort to spread positivity, the guys allow Alex to tell his jokes and “funny” daily observations, uninterrupted, without saying anything negative… sort of. A call from Tyronne Thompson doesn’t go well for Alex.

Alex has a legit breakdown due to Twitter
After a quick break, the guys talk social media. Tommy has become obsessed with getting comedians from Los Angeles to follow him. He also tells the guys how he’s a HUGE fan of Snapchat, especially Luci Ford and Arsenic Magazine. In an effort to help Alex embrace technology and social media, they force him to sign up for a Twitter account. It causes a huge meltdown and panic attack. Tommy also talks about how a listener stalked LA Comedian Kate Quigley, host of Date Fails.

We end the show with Would You Rather with a very interesting twist…

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Updated: November 23, 2014 — 9:18 pm