42 – The Worst Podcast of All Time

Sketches of AlexTruth be told, this is probably the worst podcast episode of all time. It started out well with Alex talking about a woman at work that brought her children to work this week. One of her kids drew a picture of the office, including a very unflattering drawing of Alex. Alex thinks the child’s picture is inaccurate and asks Tommy and Ryan to draw pictures of him. He doesn’t seemed pleased by the results. Then things take a turn… It will be the segment that we will never speak of again. Horrible. Just terrible. We apologize in advance.

Sexting, 8-bit Hates Us, Someone Stole Tommy’s Life, Alex and Ryan Ruin First Dates
Then we read some actually sexting conversations from Tommy’s phone. Ryan’s other show hates Not Dead Yet. Tommy has a new enemy. Separately, Ryan and Alex both ruin people’s first dates.

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