44 – Recorded Live at MAGFest 2015

MAGFestRecorded in a hotel room, Tommy, Alex and Ryan drop by and recap MAGFest 2015. MAGFest is a festival of cosplay, video game music, gaming, furries and nerds of all kinds. The guys came to visit their podcast friend, DC AM. Tommy is completely out of his element and disappointed there are no hot chicks. Ryan, Alex and AM try to explain the culture to him.

Last week Ryan talked about his Saturday ritual of driving 45 minutes each way to get his girlfriend her favorite brand of bagels. Tommy and Alex bet that she wouldn’t notice the difference if he bought a different brand bagel as long as it was in her favorite brands wrapper. Find out the results… Then talk turns to hardcore porn. It’s best to leave that description out. Plus, Ryan tries to explain what Pokemon is to Tommy.

Tommy and Alex also recap their night out to see comedian Big Jay Oakerson. Tommy mentions something embarrassing Alex did that almost ruined his night. Ryan refuses to hang out with Tommy and Alex outside of recording the podcast. AM is completely surprised by this and we give the details of what happens as soon as the mics are turned off. This and so much more!

And don’t forget to check us out on The DC AM podcast this week.

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