47 – Evil Genius

ryan-geniusNew Alex & Ryan Songs
The show opens with a treat. A NEW Alex Corolla song is debuted by Dirty Potter Audiobooks. It is a masterpiece. While laughing at Alex’s distain for his new song, Tommy debuts a song about Ryan. Decide which new song is your favorite! Then the guys have an erotica showdown. They each have written short excerpts from their own romance novels and read them on the show. Some are sexy, some are funny and some are just plain disturbing… and some are written by Alex.

Ryan is a Depressed Evil Genius?
Tommy and Alex say that Ryan seems a bit “down” recently. Ryan admits he’s been dealing with sleep apnea and depression. He has started taking prozac. Tommy has also started back on anti-depressants. Ryan theorizes that Alex is the reason they both are depressed. They start talking about Alex dying and Tommy admits talking about his death makes him very happy. It just gets worse for Alex from there. Enjoy listening to the various ways they would be happy if Alex died.

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