49 – Dick Dragon

DIck DragonBest Man Tryouts
Ryan is getting married and Tommy and Alex are jealous that Ryan’s best friend Geoff is the best man. Both are worried that Geoff will ruin the best man speech. So Alex and Tommy give several best man speeches in an attempt to take his place. Ryan does not seem pleased with their auditions. Then the guys talk about who would live the longest/die first if a virus (or zombies) wiped out the population and they were the only three people left on Earth.

Roll Up Your Windows
Alex takes some phone calls, but gets upset because the callers have their windows down and he can’t hear them. Then Alex talks about how he “accidentally” stole from charity at his workplace. He’s not sure how to make it right. Plus, the guys talk about the tv theme songs ever made. IT’S NOT A MUSIC SHOW!

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Updated: March 21, 2015 — 5:47 pm