50 – Ronnie James Dio and The Kool-Aid Man

Ronnie James DIoNew Boobs and Butts Podcast
Not Dead Yet has rented out their space and equipment to the “Boobs N Butts Podcast” yet again. Last time their show ended in a fist fight. This show covers three celebrity women, each being rated on their… “boobs n butts.”

Dio Lives, “women” at the Gym, Alex has workers in his apartment
Heavy Metal God/Former Hideout Caller, Ronnie James Dio returns (from the grave.) Even death isn’t strong enough to keep Dio from calling. We also chat about a “woman” that Tommy is strongly attracted to at his gym… “Woman” might not be the correct term to use though. Plus, Alex had a pipe leak and spent a bad week with inconsiderate plumbers in his apartment.

This episode is definitely not for new listeners

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Updated: March 29, 2015 — 9:33 pm