57 – Alan’s Cubicle

Alan-CubicleNew Name Tag on His Cubicle

Alex’s company just laid off hundreds of employees. He got nervous when he went to his cubicle and his name tag had been removed… and replaced with the name “Alan.” Tommy and Ryan saw “Jurassic World.” They give their reviews (no spoilers.) Ryan claims it’s a good “guy movie” while Tommy disagrees and gripes about everything he hated about the movie.

Corporate Project Management Humor

Tommy is worried he’s losing his joke and comedy ability. He found himself making a joke at his real job that was so “corporate” that it saddened him. He and Alex start trading some PMP/ Project Management jokes while Ryan becomes disgusted by how lame they are. Talk then turns to TV shows like “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” which has a character that looks just like an older Alex. (see picture)

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