66 – Wakkie Nu Nu

wakkie nu nuSlow Start
Tommy has been in a real funk lately.  Alex and Ryan concur that the show is sometimes tough to do, especially during the summer. They ALL agree however, that the listeners should stroke their egos and give them loads of money… and tell their friends. While reminiscing over Florida favorite Appliance Direct commercials, Tommy plays an UNBELIEVABLE song from former listener Tony Rage. Check out Tony’s band A Dying Regime.

Speeding Up
Alex has had the week from hell topped off with two traffic violations!  Alex goes irrationally berserk and Tommy and Ryan try to point out that it’s all his fault. The arresting officer, officer Beau, calls in though to provide the official account of what happened and what Alex’s fate will be. Meanwhile in Ryan world, his fiancé is subtly turning him into a roommate because Ryan doesn’t fit in with the décor of the apartment. Before even finishing the unpacking of his new place, Ryan finds out that his renters have TOTALLY trashed his old one and his Ex isn’t giving him any help to clean it up. Speaking of Ex’s, the show ends with all of the juicy break up stories of relationships past… you will LOVE their suffering.

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