67 – Name That Tune With Lenny

coffeeName That Tune With Lenny Jacobson
We’re back after a bit of a break and a very active week for everyone on NDY, starting with Tommy who stayed up WAY too late the night before the show, playing a game of Name that Tune with Lenny Jacobson on Periscope. We all know how competitive Tommy is in trivia and this is no different. Find out if he won, lost or if the game ended in controversy…

Alex Tweets and Ryan’s Bachelor Party
Tommy and Ryan raise concerns that Alex’s #ButfartbooblickFriday tweets probably aren’t getting the turnaround in new listeners that Alex claims his “genius” compositions will bring in. Speaking of Alex, a Starbuck’s barista gives him yet ANOTHER name to add on to the already large list of things you can call him beside Alex. Finally, even though good show friend Geoff has a HORRIBLE track record with planning Ryan’s bachelor party so far, Ryan still thinks that he’ll come through in the end with a perfect best man speech. Alex and Tommy however, offer up many different scenarios that are more likely to happen after the nuptials.

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