68 – Teeny Tiny Corolla Cannoli

trumpwedding90’s Radio and Weddings
We start off feeling nostalgic from the 90’s thanks to show friend Brian Q and a brand new sound effect for all of our shout outs. Tommy suffers a loss, which brings up a discussion on why the good ones never seem to get a fair break in life. On a lighter note, Tommy goes to a wedding which absolutely blew him away. His seat was even next to the hottest chick at the wedding. Find out if Tommy blew it, or ended up getting lucky. Tommy and Alex then ask Ryan for re-assurance that his wedding will be just as glamorous, but it doesn’t look promising as he’s already blown $10K and most of it is on the honeymoon.

Matt Albert’s Video
Speaking of weddings, show friend Matt Albert has a wedding coming up shortly, and has given the NDY crew an early groomsmen gift… an informational Youtube video, posted by the company he works for, in which he begrudgingly answers REAL questions from customers. The video is HILARIOUS and provides a new drop for the show.

7 Seconds of Silence
And finally, Alex’s boss remarked that he has issues with long pauses in conversations and doesn’t like to be cut off.  Uncle Vinny, Tyrone Thompson, and a special caller ring in to help Alex work on this issue to become a better performer at work, however the results aren’t quite what Alex might have hoped.

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