74 – Ryan’s Wedding

singersThe Big Day
Ryan’s big day arrives and he went through with it… though 60% of you said he wouldn’t, he did! Tommy claims Alex is a terrible driver and almost killed him on the drive. Plus, he tortures Alex about a family friend. Then Tommy and Alex go in depth about the wedding with all of their critiques including: The people, the food, the weather, and the speech. Tommy and Alex also think they’re hated and were probably invited by accident and you’ll want to hear why.

Open relationships
While at the wedding, Tommy and Alex discovered there was a “couple” there who were married – just not to each other. An honest discussion ensues on if people in open relationships really want them or are forced into them. Plus, Tommy talks about the date he went on with a woman that he didn’t realize was married and in an open relationship.

A new hit
Tommy finds the next viral video with a karaoke couple that you WON’T believe… we aren’t putting you on, these people are 100% serious during their “performance.” We finish up the show with a quick line about why we don’t talk or tweet about politics or our “hopes and prayers” when bad things happen.

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