75 – BatFleck

Ben Affleck BatmanRyan Returns
After taking some time off to get married, Ryan is back in studio to explain HIS side of the story, and it’s a miracle this thing even happened. Beside the DJ playing the wrong music, people disappearing from dances, the best man almost getting them beat up, AND getting into fights with drunken motorists.there’s one thing that Ryan forgets that almost seals the deal for the whole thing being called off.

Domestic Violence and BatFleck
Alex goes into a highly disturbing story of witnessing domestic violence…and choosing to do nothing about it because he felt “it wasn’t his day to be intervene…” Ryan and Tommy can’t quite put into words how awful Alex is after divulging the horrific details of what happened below his apartment. While trying to forget what they just heard, Tommy gets a little confused about his Sci-Fi knowledge and might get a few things mixed up that will probably piss most of you Spock Vader fans off.

Another New Hit
Tommy finds a treasure trove of Karaoke videos from the worst most horrible duet in the world. Last week’s nugget pales in comparison to the tracks that our new favorite singing group provides. In the spirit of trying to keep up, Tommy decides to make his very own karaoke remixes that pretty much end out the show making everyone laugh so much… Enjoy your early Christmas gift from NDY!

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