76 – A Hung Solo Christmas

Santa Hat VaderTommy surprises Alex with the announcement that he’s seen the new Star Wars. Not usually a Sci Fi fan, Alex is curious as to Tommy’s take on the film. Tommy starts to describe the movie, when Alex realizes something is “wrong” with the version he “saw”. You won’t want to miss Tommy’s interpretation of one of the greatest stories of all time.

New News Segment
Tommy decides to class up Not Dead Yet with a new news segment. He even dug up a brand new news bed! Alex begins to suspect that Tommy miiiiight have a different definition of “news.” In fact it seems that Tommy just wanted to play the new news bed over and over again. The news bed actually calls in to justify himself and it’s stories. Fat people on the metro? It’s news to Tommy!

Gift Exchange
Alex has thoughtfully gotten Tommy expensive Christmas gifts as he does faithfully every year and Tommy has not gotten him anything as he faithfully does every year. Tommy believes he’s come up with a new pricing scheme in order to swindle more money from his friends. Alex becomes enraged, and it only gets worse as his creepy Uncle Joey Corolla calls in to tell a very special Christmas story, which MIGHT get everyone on the show arrested. Merry Christmas assholes!

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