77 – Courtney

chyna bowling ballLong time friend Courtney shows up to add a female perspective to the show. Tommy and Alex start recapping their holiday and share an update about their good friend Matt Albert, who is upset with Alex, as he’s only spending 2 days in FL for his wedding, allowing for NO time to do anything else. Tommy points out how Alex never takes any time out for vacations, not even a friend’s wedding.

Suitors for Phyllis
Speaking of weddings, Courtney chimes in about Ryan’s wedding and how she got a chance to speak with Alex’s girlfriend, Phyllis. Apparently, when Alex went to the bathroom many times during the wedding due to being a hyper-alcoholic, Tommy and Courtney spoke to Phyllis about how she could do much better than him. Shocked, Alex tries to defend himself as Courtney lists off several friends of hers that she believes, would be better boyfriends for Phyllis.

Trouble with kids and farting
Alex recaps how his Saturday was hijacked by friends who needed him to watch their kids. Like something out of the movies, Alex has a crazy, insane adventure involving bowling alleys the Special Olympics, and getting into a fight with two random 8 year olds. Tommy shares an incident that happened to him during yoga class that makes him look bad not matter what he does. Listen, and decide what you would do!

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