78 – Undateable

UndateableUndateable Live
Though they’ve gone into depth about the great depth about non-network TV shows being fantastic lately (You’re the worst, Casual, Man Seeking Woman), Tommy & Alex can’t help but rave about one of the few NETWORK shows they actually enjoy, Undateable Live.  The season finale was one of the best produced, well acted, well written episodes they have ever seen on network TV… which then in turn makes Tommy and Alex realize how pathetic their lives are, and believe that they were made to do great things in the entertainment industry – if their damn regular lives wouldn’t get in the way. If it weren’t for that, they could live happily in LA writing scripts and hob-knobbing with the talented Whitney Cummings.

Alex Has Trouble On Twitter
Tommy wrote a blog about the state of TV and posted it on Twitter which resulted in multiple likes and re-tweets.  Ryan pops in juuuust in time to hear Alex go irate about how he had a twitter war for 6 hours that resulted in a headache and only one new follower.  Tommy tries to explain that Alex’s tweets don’t go well are because he has bad luck and a jinx complex. You’ll have to hear the tweet that caused all of the problems.

Sweet Revenge
After Tommy finds an article about a member from their old show’s ex wife turning into a lesbian and erasing any history of ever been married to him (2nd time by the way), Alex goes into a revenge story about a neighbor and a parking spot, that might actually be harming him more than fulfilling his twisted sense of “revenge”.

On top of that you’ll want to hear why Tommy, Alex, and Ryan can’t stop listening to the Backstreet Boys, how they dug out of the snow, and what the future is for their horrible lives…

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