79 – Brent Morin & Jason Collings

Brent MorinTommy starts off noting that Alex is a little on edge and filled with negative energy, to which Alex immediately rebuts by going on an angry crazed rant. Tommy supplements his claim by recapping their entire journey to see Jason Collings and Brent Morin at the DC Improv which included:  Alex showing up early and wearing a full suit, pissing off Tommy by not knowing what Uber is, giving the Uber driver creepy compliments and criticizing everyone.

Jason Collings and Brent Morin
Tommy and Alex give a thorough recap of their experience at the DC Improv for the Brent Morin show.  Alex tries to explain why Brent was so refreshing compared to other comedians and Tommy admits that he may have accidentally groped Brent. Plus, Tommy offends a woman by insulting her job.

Ryan in paradise
Ryan recaps his honeymoon in the Dominican and how horrific Americans act while at resorts.  Besides having to deal with Ryan, his new bride went through EVERYONE’s worst nightmare while getting changed in hotel room.

It’s Not A Music Show
After recalling some old memories from working in the FCC witchunt era, Alex thanks their old Florida co-worker SBK for following him on Twitter, then immediately goes downhill and curses everyone else who dares to challenge him (aka not follow) on the social network. Tommy has a new popular pop song that he’s obsessed with. Alex immediately hates it and in the end, challenges actor Chris Pratt to a fight, leaving Tommy and Ryan dumbfounded at the end of the show.

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