80 – Toilet Lives Matter

madden 08The Tommy Diaries
We’re back!  But only for a week because we’re going to be down in Florida for Matt’s wedding.  Speaking of, it’s a week away and Tommy has neglected his duties as best man and has decided to “wing it” for his speech.  Ryan and Alex try to convince Tommy to go the “roast” route, but Tommy doesn’t want to look bad in front of his date.  SPEAKING of which, she  MIGHT not even know she’s invited to the wedding as Tommy’s guest.  Bewildered by this, Ryan and Alex convince Tommy to explain how he got into this mess and what would happen if his date didn’t show. You will delight in the first ever “Tommy Diaries”.

Alex on no sleep
Alex has a horrible job, he works horrible hours and gets no recognition for his efforts.  He’s fresh off of working a 23 hour straight shift, and apparently he texted Tommy completely random, insulting, and incoherent texts.  Listen to what goes on in Alex’s mind on no sleep, apparently it involves Sonic the Hedgehog, Malcolm Jamal Warner, and Ross Gellar.

Electronic Arts stories
It seems as if Alex has a habit of working at horrible places, and recalls that he thinks Alex was most miserable when he was a tester for EA working on Madden Football.  Tommy and Ryan actually stop laughing and become encumbered with the horrible working conditions and stories of segregation, sleep deprivation, and pizza stealing that went on there. See you in two weeks for Matt’s wedding recap show!

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